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The MEDIBUS Medical Barometer is a quantitative research study which evaluates the behaviours and attitudes of urban population towards private medical services.

The MEDIBUS Medical Barometer is a sociological research project applied on a national level, urban, in cities with over 100.000 inhabitants and aims at the evaluation of the behaviours and attitudes of the population towards private medical services and their providers.
The MEDIBUS Barometer has been continuously carried out since the year 2004.

To whom is the MEDIBUS Medical Barometer adressed?

The results of this study are useful to every company which operates in the private or public medical sector and the insurance sector, aswell as to other institutions, companies, organization or media representatives who wish to know the evolution of this sector (consulting companies, audit, investment funds etc.).

MEDIBUS enjoys the constant attention of the leaders in providing private medical services in Romania.

What are the objectives of the MEDIBUS study?

  • Private medical services usage - the willingness to reach out, the degree of reaching out, the willingness to pay
  • The private medical clinic subscription - awareness degree, contracting, willingness to pay
  • Private medical labs - notoriety
  • Private medical clinics - notoriety and evaluation, determining the strengths and weaknesses of the main medical services providers in Bucharest, the degree of reaching out, future reaching out intentions
  • Medical informing sources
  • Determining the dimensions of the private medical services by differing categories (consultations, investigations,
    laboratory testing, subscriptions).