In-store research

Customer satisfaction studies or studies addressing any other research objective, conducted in-store, at entry/exit or outside store premises.

In-store research

This type of study consists of interviewing and/or observing shoppers or visitors of a store, at exit or during their visit along the isles, focusing on different objectives, such as the products observed or bought.

The following aspects may be examined:

  • Client’s route through the store
  • Choosing the product and brands
  • After-sales services sought by the customers
  • Attitude of staff towards customers etc.

Retail audit

Visiting the stores that market goods of interest to the study, in order to address objectives such as:

  • Presence on the shelves of certain brands
  • The space where the brands are exposed
  • Space in the store intended for that category of products
  • Product prices
  • Type of packaging
  • Types of advertising materials available etc.