Concept Testing

Concept testing is essential for any new launch, being a product, ad concept, new feature, package and so on. It helps increase efficiency and optimize budgets by finding iterations with the highest chances of success.

Testing of products / packaging / names

  • Assess consumer perception for a new product or for new features of existing products
  • Studying of the consistency between the package of a product and its perception in the minds of the consumers
  • Testing a short list of brand of product names with consumers to investigate the best option or unintended consequences.

Concept and positioning research

  • Testing a concept represents a way to forecast the success of a product before its market launch.
  • Investigates the consumers reaction to the new product / features. 

The market test

  • The marketing test represents a small scale launch of a product/service in order to establish the degree of its acceptability on the market.

Advertising testing

  • These tests are intended to measure the awareness of advertising messages (spontaneously and assisted), the degree of remembrance of the message, the attitude toward the commercial (evaluation in terms of “like”, “dislike”, originality, uniqueness, credibility), level of persuasion.
  • Pre market launch is highly recommended in order to choose the iteration with highest chances to succeed.