Demo report


We have developed a proprietary methodology - DEVNET - for real estate retailers and developers. The methodology incudes multiple modules which help them in making well-informed decisions in expansion processes.

DEVNET©is composed of multiple relatively independent modules which allow the configuration of the optimal plan to extend a network or to place a commercial/residential center. These modules can be ordered and applied successively, as well as combined. The bundle is the propriety of MEDNET Marketing Research Center. MEDNET Marketing Research Center.

The studies bundle DEVNET© allows the branches network extension at the urban, regional or national level.

DEVNET© is conceived to offer the user a competitive leverage, directing the expansion of the client towards profitability.

In order to represent and summarize the provided information, DEVNET© also produces a series of graphic maps where the population welfare, living density, car and pedestrian traffic, competitive environment, the visibility of a location etc.

What are the modules composing DEVNET© ?

  • SBP - this module provides welfare and population density studies on a street level, districts or other areas of interest in a city. These studies have been developed by MEDNET Marketing Research Center for the main 45 romanian cities. At the request of a client, there can be developed other welfare and living density studies for other cities or areas.
  • SPC - the module provides studies regarding competition. These studies dissect the existing competitive environment, nailing down the competitive saturation degree for an area of interest.
  • SIA - studies that allow the construction and application of attractivity indexes for the areas of interest in a city. Each of the attractivity indexes provide a ranking of the studied areas. Finally, these rankings can be combined so that the best placed areas in the rankings can be identified.
  • STAP - this module provides car or pedestrian traffic studies in the locations of interest for a client (the short list of the selected locations throught the aforementioned modules). Traffic studies rely upon measurements in some hourly samples, ensuring finally representative results on the level of weeks, season, etc.
  • SDV - the component ensures visibility studies. They establish the degree of visibility of a location, building, billboard, runway etc.
  • SAA - this module provides car accessibility studies to a certain location selected by the client. The study identifies the volumes of the potential client masses for a certain location. Finally, the accessibility of a location can be quantified.
  • SAP - provides pedestrian accessibility studies.
  • IEO - the module is intended for optimal sample extraction for quantitative or qualitative (focus groups) marketing studies. The target populations for marketing studies can be well configured so that optimal samples can be achieved, thus reducing the costs and delivery time.
  • SEPV - the module is intended for the estimation of sales potential of a new store.
  • SEC - the module is intended for estimating the cannibalization degree between functional or potential stores in a city.