Brand Health Studies

Brands in-depth analysis

Brand positioning

  • Investigates brand's place in the mind and heart of the consumer and it's Unique Selling Proposition

Brand awareness

  • A brand awareness study assesses the following aspects:

    • Quantifies the degree to which a consumer recognizes a brand
    • Maps the brand's position in the mind of consumers
    • Draws the brand's image in the mind of the consumers
    • Establishes the consumers' trust in a brand

Brand equity

Analysis the value of a brand for its mother-company. A good brand equity means that the consumers are willing to pay more for that particular brand, detrimental to a competitor's brand

A brand equity study examines the following aspects:

  • brand awareness: identifying the popularity of the brand through different methods (spontaneous and assisted awareness)
  • brand association: brand correlations with various aspects (determining the associations customers make for a brand, but also for competing brands)
  • evaluating the level of loyalty to the brand
  • determining the degree of trust of respondents towards the reference brand, but also towards those of the competitors
  • identifying the main criteria based on which a brand is chosen
  • identifying preferred communication channels

Brand tracking

It measures the "health" of the brand from the usage point of view and from what a consumer thinks about a brand 

Analyzed KPIs should take into consideration the brand's objectives and the competition

  • Usage and Attitudes
  • Consumer emotional attachment to the brand  
  • Net Promoter Score - probability to recommend the brand to family and friends
  • Consumers perception on the reference brand and on the competitors brands by investigating certain attributes
  • Identifying brand's strengths and also aspects which need improvement
  • Identify shopping and consumption behavior for the brand
  • Determining buying intention
  • Assess pricing strategy