Market Analysis

A fundamental tool for any business, mature or new to the market. We have a solid experience in a large variety of industries, which we've been analyzing for more than 20 years.

Market shares

  • When retail audit data is unavailable, market size and shares can be calculated through quantitative methods and desk research.

Market dimensioning

  • We cannot always calculate a market size as there is no reliable data to help.
  • But we can estimate markets sizes through quantitative methods, desk research (official available data, press information, interviews and so on) or other methodologies created for this purpose.
  • We take into consideration all distribution and sales channels and imports according to the client's objectives.

Analysis of distribution channels

  • Analyses efficiency and speed of channels - distributors, wholesalers, retailers - by which a product reaches its final clients.
  • Main aspects evaluated:
    • competition analysis
    • evaluation & profiling of distributors / retailers
    • optimal length of the distribution channel
    • evaluation of market prospective
    • optimal time for launching a product or service
    • possible logistics issues