Consumer Research

Investigation of consumers' behaviors, attitudes, motivations, consumer segmentation, buying decision tree, shopper journey

Shopper profile

  • Implies the drafting of an image of the consumer, based on the way he/she thinks, feels, analyses and chooses among alternatives.
  • Allows the analysis of motivational and perception factors, consumer behavior learning, information process and the way in which all of these elements could be used by the marketing specialists to attract more buyers.

Customer satisfaction studies

  • Research meant to determine satisafaction degree of post-sale, post service or post medical visits.
  • Find out the reasons-why, that stand behind choosing a certain products or service
  • Evaluation of the main criteria used for choosing a certain product or service
  • Assess main expectations related to the product or service before the acquisition and identifying main satisfaction or pain points, after actually using the product 

Consumers' decision-making process

  • Determining the main aspects that motivate clients to buy a certain product / service and analyzing the entire decision-making process (push – pull matrix).

Identifying the best customer loyalty development methods

  • Identifying the factors that contribute to customers' loyalty, by analyzing their preferences and promoting efficient strategies for building or developing this loyalty relationship.

Market segmentation/consumer typologies

  • Determining the demographic, psychographic and behavioral buyer characteristics, based on the analysis of lifestyle, attitudes and social values, ans also of socio-economic factors.

Perceptual map

  • A very relevant tool, used for determining the way in which customers perceive a certain product/service/retailer.